Monday, December 10, 2018
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Here for you now...Here for your future

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District 48 is a district of the Retired Teachers of Ontario, RTO/ERO. RTO/ERO is a voluntary organization of over 75,000 retired teachers and others who worked in the education field. It provides its members with comprehensive health and travel insurance plans, a travel program, and acts as an advocate for retirees, seniors, children and active educators.

As you peruse the various facets of this website, if you have any comments, or would like to join in the activities of District 48, please contact President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Curious about RTO/ERO and its programs? Application forms for membership and our member-owned insurance plans can be accessed here.

Already a member? Click here for a menu of member resources. You can find information on the RTO/ERO Scholarship program under our Member Services and Goodwill tab in the left hand menu. 

RTO/ERO Foundation

  • In 2011, RTO/ERO incorporated a Charitable Foundation to research ways to improve the lives of seniors as the grey tsunami approaches. In 2013, as its first project, RTO/ERO appointed Dr. Paula Rochon, geriatrician and vice-president of research at Toronto Women's College Hospital, to a research chair in geriatric medicine at the University of Toronto.

    Since the appointment of Dr. Rochon, the Foundation has focused on smaller research projects, and have committed over $150,000 in grants to hospitals and community organizations studying ways to improve the lives of seniors. To read about the 13 Foundation research projects across Ontario and British Columbia, visit the Foundation website,



Latest District 48 News

  • Project Service to Others 2018

    Applications for  District 48 Project Service to Others grants (up to $500 available for locally focused projects which have significant participation by District 48 members) are now available. Download an application form here. Applications close on October 1. 

    District 48 appreciates the financial contribution of the RTO/ERO 50th Anniversary program in funding the 2018 grants.

    Not sure of whether your organization is eligible? Here is a description of the organizations who received the awards last year.