Monday, December 10, 2018
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In Memoriam

The members of District 48 express their sympathy to the family and friends of these deceased members:

Sudarshan Bhasin, Brockville

Ina Blanchard, Addison

Ruth Bracken, Brockville

Ron Boyd, Cornwall

Betty Carroll, Brockville

Elizabeth Cirne, Athens

Melba Found, Brockville

Marilyn Fitchell, Edmonton

Robert Harrington, Mississauga

Mary Jensen Wilson, Brockville

Mary Johnson, Oxford Mills

Robert Lawn, Prescott

Corinne McAndrews, Westport

Ainsley McGee, Lyn

Freda Mellan, Cardinal

Shirley Miner, Prescott

Mabel Shannon, Brockville

George Tostowaryk, Kanata

Patricia Yates, Gananoque









Latest District 48 News

  • Project Service to Others 2018

    Applications for  District 48 Project Service to Others grants (up to $500 available for locally focused projects which have significant participation by District 48 members) are now available. Download an application form here. Applications close on October 1. 

    District 48 appreciates the financial contribution of the RTO/ERO 50th Anniversary program in funding the 2018 grants.

    Not sure of whether your organization is eligible? Here is a description of the organizations who received the awards last year.